Bromley business hub case study

The London Borough of Bromley wanted a creative-thinking website to support the needs of local businesses operating in the Bromley area. Also, to ensure that companies in the area had the most optimal user experience, they requested ongoing support, maintenance, and content management of the Bromley Business Hub.


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    As the winner of Best Web Design & Development Company 2021 and the winner of Digital Marketing Agency of North-West 2021, SOS Creativity was ideally suited to provide web design, maintenance, and content management services.

    Website design & hosting: Creating an online hub for Bromley businesses. To create a one-stop shop business hub for the London Borough of Bromley, our web development team used WordPress to build a bespoke website. As open-source web design specialists, we believe that the best two platforms for open-source web development are WordPress and Magento2. We created Bromley Business Hub using WordPress because this platform supports both brochure websites and eCommerce, whereas the Magento2 platform is designed from the ground up with eCommerce in mind.

    Upon confirming the brief and specifications, we developed a navigational map of the website. Also, we provided website hosting for the project, which included firewall and virus protection and a detailed security policy.

    Then, moving onto the second stage, we developed a first-look presentation of the website, preparing it for initial testing. Finally, moving on to in-house website testing and made adjustments and edits based on the feedback given. The training was also provided to London Borough of Bromley staff to ensure they can operate and maintain the website as needed.

    After the delivery of the project, we provided ongoing website maintenance. This included a monthly consultation with the Business Support Task Force and ensuring that all information on the website was relevant and current. We also provided monthly reporting on website visitor figures so the Commissioning Authority could be updated on how much traffic the website received.

    Branding & design: Ensuring a cohesive brand. SOS Creativity is comprised of a high-passionate and motivated team of creative individuals. The London Borough of Bromley requested a light touch branding that fit within the corporate branding guidelines. We created a bespoke logo for the Bromley Business Hub to meet this need and designed the website to match. When choosing the colour scheme and style for the logo and website, we drew inspiration from The London Borough of Bromley’s brand, ensuring that the website for Bromley Business Hub matched the design of the Borough’s website, forging a cohesive brand appearance across both websites.

    Bromley content creation & SEO. The London Borough of Bromley wanted the ability for bespoke content to be created for the website, acting as a platform of helpful information for businesses operating in the Bromley borough or considering relocation.

    As London SEO experts, we were able to provide our expertise in this area, ensuring that SEO-friendly tools were in place for all content created, and we even assisted in the creation of content via our award-winning marketing skillset.

    With the vast majority of search engine traffic landing on the top five results, SEO was essential to the success of any online information hub. This written content was then optimised for SEO to boost the reach of the information within. Our creative team committed significant time to research, ensuring that content was informative, accurate, relevant, and high-quality.

    If you would like more information regarding our London website design services, or if you would like to book a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our team by calling our Bromley Web Design office on 020 3633 9934.

    London Borough of Bromley initially sought to identify a creative-thinking Website Developer/Content Management team with demonstrable experience in designing, developing and maintaining interactive websites that are engaging; in order to create a bespoke online enterprise hub tailored to support the needs of local businesses operating in the London Borough of Bromley.

    Following our procurement process with submissions received from many suppliers SOS Creativity Ltd was appointed, since they represented the best value for money based on their proposal. The development of the Bromley Business Hub was completed in September 2021 by SOS Creativity Ltd, according to the budget & schedule in an efficient, friendly and flexible manner . The supplier also continued to demonstrate the willingness to engage with relevant stakeholders, including local businesses throughout the period of the service delivery; in order to keep the website up to date, relevant and helpful for Bromley’s local business community.

    A large increase was initially observed in the engagement rates and take-up by businesses during the initial six-month period, which demonstrated that usage of the Bromley Business Hub website had gained a significant amount of momentum. This gave extra confidence that the Hub was meeting the needs of new and existing businesses operating in the London Borough of Bromley, by providing them with a user-friendly ‘one-stop-shop’ experience to assist with starting a new business or innovating an existing business. The services included a business startup guide; business directory with local suppliers; recruitment database advertising vacancies; events calendar; local demographic data, blogs & latest news.

    Our thanks to Stephen Solademi at SOS Creativity Ltd for their valuable support.

    Ose Akpom
    Economic Development Manager
    London Borough of Bromley

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