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Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) relies on strategy, technical knowledge and more than anything, patience. Noticeable results with SEO can take as long as six to twelve months.

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From a top-level point of view, SEO relies on two key elements for successful optimisation for your website – on-site and off-site SEO. We specialise in both processes!

But first, why should you optimise your website for search engines?

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website to work in favour of what Google and the other major search engines are crawling for on a daily basis.

By utilising SEO-friendly techniques, you will be able to increase your website’s chances of ranking on those desired first pages for relevant search terms to your business and industry.

SEO audit of your website

    Submit your website address to find out how you stack up with your competitors. By doing this, a comprehensive SEO report will be created for you.

    Our SEO Process

    Most websites cover the basics of SEO, but there are always key areas that can be enhanced.

    Our ultimate aim is to improve your site’s visibility & ranking potential. Below you can find out exactly how we achieve this.

    On-site SEO

    Our process for the on-site SEO on your website:

    1. Obtain access details & desired client key terms (the terms will be defined in the first week as further research is needed into this area).
    2. Carry out a full content review on site.
    3. Review & assess key terms by search volume & competitiveness, review site content & meta.
    4. Optimise all site content, meta and headings.
    5. Audit all technical on-site elements.
    6. Issue fixes & areas of optimisation to plan out technical SEO.
    7. Implement on-site fixes as per agreed list.
    8. Compress images.
    9. Minify code where needed.
    10. Check site speed on desktop & mobile.
    11. Disavow toxic links.
    12. Submit the site for Google indexing.
    13. Set up/Optimise sites local Google My Business page for local SEO optimisation.
    14. Final SEO On-Site checklist.
    15. Provide client with final report & work completed.

    This work takes around 4 weeks to complete. After our on-site work is complete, we will move on to off-site SEO.


    Off-site SEO

    The aim of off-site SEO is two-fold:

    • Increase the overall average ranking position of your website.
    • Increase the ranking positions for specific search terms.

    We achieve this through our commitment to building the authority to your website through off-site SEO. We achieve this by:

    • Increasing the number of links to the site using a staggered strategy.
    • Increasing the quality of the links into the website.
    • Targeting high domain authority links.
    • Researching backlink opportunities from trusted/authoritative sites.
    • Monitoring toxicity.
    • Link disavow activity.
    • Local SEO optimisation.
    • Local SEO citation creation.

    Want to find out more about SEO for your website?

    By getting in touch with our team, we’ll be able to run an audit on your website and find out the score of your site’s current SEO.

    From there, we will put together a strategy to optimise your website and get your business visible to your target audience.

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