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Results-drive SEO tailored to the needs of South West businesses

Your location plays an important role in search engine optimisation; as such, a business that understands your local environment must implement your digital marketing strategy. You need a SEO south west marketing solution.

The southwest of England is well known for many things, including a connection to English folklore with the legend of King Arthur, the rich culinary history of the area with Cornish pasties, Devon cream teas, and of course, Cheddar cheese originating in the village of Cheddar in Somerset. The region is also well regarded in the study of palaeontology, with the Jurassic Coast being located from Exmouth to Dorset, containing a fossil forest around Lulworth Cove.

Being such a wonderful region of the UK with such a rich and interesting history attracts people from all walks of life. This provides businesses with ample opportunity for growth. However, this does come with the unfortunate side effect of increased competition, necessitating a marketing strategy to help your business rise above the competition. At SOS Creativity, we recommend you embrace SEO's digital marketing technique.

What is SEO? Why is digital marketing important for businesses in South Western England?

We offer a transparent pricing matrix with three tiers, starting at £495 a month (+VAT). This package includes three primary keywords and fifteen of each: secondary, related, and FAQ keywords, providing everything you need to get started in the world of SEO.

Our award-winning SEO and web design techniques are specifically implemented to give your business the best possible chance of climbing the search engine results pages, reaching new customers and inspiring existing ones. To achieve this, we utilise four core SEO techniques, Keyword research and analysis, SEO Content Writing, SEO-Friendly Web Design, and Backlink Analysis.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's a powerful marketing technique that seeks to improve your rankings for targeted search queries. This is because the vast majority of clicks go to the top five results in the search results. In many ways, a website that ranks high with search engines is essential for your company to succeed in a digital environment. You must understand search engine optimisation to improve your traffic and brand awareness. However, not every business has the time or resources to commit to truly taking advantage of digital marketing opportunities. That's where a South West SEO agency like ourselves can help; we provide the services of SEO consultants at an affordable price.

SEO audit of your website

    Submit your website address to find out how you stack up with your competitors. By doing this, a comprehensive SEO report will be created for you.

    Our SEO process, helping you gain the online visibility you need to succeed

    The SOS Creativity SEO process is split into five key steps: enquiry, due diligence, implementation, testing, and finally, support.


    Initial enquiry

    We start with a consultation to learn about your business, objectives, and ideal audience. We find most websites cover the basics of SEO, but there are always key areas which can be improved. During this stage, we listen to your goals and the challenges you face as a business and identify obstacles in your path to success.

    Our due diligence

    As digital marketing experts, we aim to improve your site's visibility and ranking potential. We commit to our clients very seriously; our due diligence process includes considerable research and analysis. Covering areas such as competitors, target audience, and keywords.


    Using the information gained from our enquiry and due diligence, our search engine marketing team will strategise and formulate a plan of action to achieve your business’s online goals.


    Every plan can be refined and improved; we use the data gathered from our implementation stage to test and improve our marketing activities consistently. We work hard to ensure you receive a high-quality service that provides value for money and meets your business's objectives.


    Our process concludes with the support phase. In the campaign's final step, we ensure that your needs are taken care of. Our SEO experts are also available to answer any questions you may have.

    Websites built from the ground up with SEO in mind; SEO-friendly web design from SOS Creativity

    Ensuring a website is designed and developed in an SEO-friendly manner is a complex process. You don't just have to optimise the content itself on the website; you also have to consider the site's source code. As SEO experts, we conduct a full content review and audit of all on-site technical elements.

    We optimise site speed by compressing images and minifying code where applicable; this includes desktop and mobile browsing, as approximately 35% of all Google searches take place using a mobile device. Finally, we optimise the site's Google My Business page, ensuring that local SEO is optimised, provide a final check and report, and submit the site for Google indexing.









    Which Search Engine Marketing technique is best for your business? Should You choose SEO or PPC?

    Two of the most common forms of Search Engine Marketing are PPC & SEO, also known as paid search and organic search.

    PPC marketing focuses on the paid search results. These search results cost money when a user clicks on your ad. Whilst this is a significant improvement over advertising that merely charges you for the ability to be seen, it's important to remember that clicks generated from PPC do not equal conversions. PPC charges you every time a user clicks on your advertisements, and it's estimated that only 2-6% of PPC advertisements convert into sales. That's over 90% of your paid-for clicks wasted.

    SEO marketing techniques focus on improving the rankings of the organic search results pages. These links cost your business no money when a user clicks. The only cost you bare is the cost of the expert hired to provide your SEO services. SEO has exceptional cost-effectiveness; however, it is a slow-moving marketing force, taking months to show the true effects. Think of SEO as the giant of the digital marketing world; while other techniques may move faster, when SEO finally arrives, its huge impact will be felt far and wide and is long-lasting.

    SOS Creativity, your PARTNER for SEO in the South West

    For some, outsourcing your marketing to a third party is unappealing. Outsourced marketing has a stigma of being less personal, cookie-cutter, and dry. We seek to change that. At SOS Creativity, we don't see ourselves as just another SEO agency; we're your marketing PARTNER. As your marketing partner, we promise to be:


    Polite, friendly, and easy to work with. Our SEO process is as effortless as it is enjoyable. 

    Approachable and open to suggestions. Don't hesitate to tell us your ideas and let us make them happen. 

    Respectful. Feedback is essential to developing the best possible solution for your business.  

    Trustworthy. When we say we're going to deliver something, we do it on time and to the best of our experience and ability.  

    Nimble. Life is full of surprises – we have the skills and expertise to adjust to any unplanned surprises easily. 

    Equitable. We believe in fairness and treat all our clients with the same high level of service. 

    Reliable. We only accept one outcome from our projects; a very happy client

    Call SOS Creativity and book a consultation today; let's start your SEO South West journey.

    Get in touch with our team to book a consultation. Our experts can run an audit on your website and find out the score of your site's current SEO rankings. From there, we will put together a strategy to optimise your website. Give our team a call at 0800 999 1339, email, or reach out on social media. Let's discuss your future in the digital world.

    SEO audit of your website

      Submit your website address to find out how you stack up with your competitors. By doing this, a comprehensive SEO report will be created for you.